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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring?

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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Spring Replacement In Altamonte Springs

When a spring breaks on your garage door, you have a situation that needs quick attention. Even if you can still open the garage door, doing so puts your other components at risk, and can cause accidents. Altamonte Springs and nearby areas have access to same-day spring replacement services, for all models of garage doors. It’s cheap, effective, and gets your door working safely again with no delay, weekdays, weekends, and holidays alike.

What To Do When Garage Door Springs Break

If you’ve had professional training in garage door maintenance, then you don’t need us to tell you what needs doing. If you don’t have that training, then you should leave the garage door alone and go get someone who does. Garage door springs are much stronger than they look, and they operate under a lot of mechanical pressure. If you don’t know how to prevent it, a spring or a piece of one can easily come loose and go flying out at high speed. Serious injuries often result. In fact, thousands of people are badly hurt every year attempting garage door spring repairs. Take advantage of the speedy, inexpensive Altamonte Springs area services to get professionals on location.

Opening Garage Doors With Broken Springs

Depending on the weight of your garage door and the strength of your opener, you might be able to open the door with a broken spring. However, you should avoid doing so. The opener isn’t designed to handle the weight of the door without the springs to counterbalance it. You’ll put the opener under much more strain than it’s meant for, and might even break it outright. Worse, if one of the cables snaps under the door’s weight, the garage door could fall on your car or your body while you’re using it. Unless it’s really an emergency and you need to get your car outside right now, you shouldn’t touch the garage door until it has new springs.

Broken Spring Repair Services Around Altamonte Springs

If you think your springs are on their last legs, go ahead and schedule a replacement appointment at your convenience. If your garage door springs surprised you with an unexpected break, we can still help with our emergency replacement services. Our team’s been at it for more than a decade, and you can bet that they’ve seen with every complication Altamonte Springs garage door springs can throw at them. So go ahead and call us whenever you need assistance.


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