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Battery Replacement | Garage Door Repair Altamonte Springs, FL

When your garage remote is broken, it could be any number of parts causing the malfunction. Investigating on your own and trying figure out the problem will only waste your time and you most likely won’t get any closer to fixing it. That’s why you should simply call for our affordable, professional services first.

Misaligned Frequencies

One of the most common problems, when your opener stops working, is that the frequency signal settings in the remote control are misaligned. This happens most often when your remote has been knocked around a few too many times. Our expert technicians can fix and professionally reset the frequency for you.

Battery Replacement

It may not seem like a big job to replace a battery, but opening your remote, removing the circuit board without causing any damage and replacing the battery properly can require our professional assistance. Afterwards, the remote control usually needs to be recalibrated and the radio waves or Bluetooth need to be reset to match your receiver’s frequency as well.

It Could Be The Receiver

Whatever the problem, we don’t recommend you try to figure out how to open the receiver’s casing and fix the problem yourself. Besides the potential to damage the receiver, which would be more costly to fix, most receivers are also linked to the opening and closing mechanisms of your garage door. These include high-tension torsion springs and other heavy and dangerous pieces of equipment that could severely injure you if they break. Please don’t try to repair these devices yourself.

When your remote receiver is broken, for whatever reason, simply call our professionals to fix the problem. Every member of our team is a trained specialist in all kinds of garage repairs. Each of our technicians is outfitted with the latest equipment and spare parts to ensure that whatever the cause of your garage door opener malfunction, we can fix it professionally and in almost every case, on the spot.

Call our professional technicians to ensure that your garage door opener gets fixed properly and safely the first time!

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