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Garage Door Repair Services

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As with most of the appliances in your home, your automated garage door may fail due to damaged or worn components after some time. Furthermore, accidents and weathering can cause unsightly damage to panels, or even leave your door inoperable if they are severe enough. Repairing your garage door may become a priority in the near future, or even now. Whatever the case, you’ll need assistance from a technician that you can trust to get the job done with care and transparency. With our experience and training, as well as our ability to source high-quality parts, makes our team an excellent solution for repairs.

Replacing or Repairing Openers

Openers and their components will take damage over time which may result in their failure, or could undermine their performance. If your opener has been making too much noise, has been stuttering during operation or has become unresponsive, contact one of our technicians to find out more about our garage door opener repair services.

Restoring Garage Door Panels

Damage can occur to your door panels for a number of reasons, the results of which are often unsightly. A damaged panel can also undermine the security of your door, which makes their repair or replacement a priority. If you are looking to have your garage door panels replaced or repaired, we can source a wide variety of types and styles, and will fit them with care.

Spring and Safety Cable Replacement

Your door’s springs and safety cables ensure that it is correctly supported and balanced, which is essential not only to ensure optimal performance, but also for safety reasons. If your safety cable is showing signs of damage or your garage door springs need replacing, contact our technicians to learn more about having these crucial components dealt with.

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If you would like to learn more about how our professional garage door repair technicians can assist you with your setup at home, give Garage Door Repair Altamonte Springs a call today and speak with one of our consultants for further information.

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Roll up Garage Door Maintenance

Screw Drive Opener Replacement

Emergency Broken Spring Replacement

Track Alignment & Repair


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